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Site Prep for your New Building!

Awesome! You have just purchased your new building and now you need to prepare for the delivery!

Perhaps you have custom ordered your building for a specific spot on your property and you already have a pad prepared for your building to sit on.

You may have a concrete pad from an old building that was torn down or if you have poured a pad specifically for the building, that is an excellent base for the building to sit on.

Another popular base for a building is a gravel or stone pad. Our buildings are built on runners that hold the floor of the building off the ground several inches so it works great to set it right on a gravel pad. For the best quality job, the gravel pad should be level to within an inch or so. Anyone with a little tractor or loader should be able to easily level the gravel to accommodate a building.

We can set a building directly on the grass as well, although setting it on blocks would be preferred. Often times a yard is not perfectly level and with no blocks under it, it is almost impossible to shim it to a level spot.

Buildings can be set in very uneven spots with the help of various thicknesses of blocks to help shim it to level. We prefer not to set a building over 3 blocks high because it tends to become unstable the higher you set it. But setting the building on blocks can raise it enough to keep it dry in case of flooding.

Also if the location where you plan to put your building is not in any danger of flooding, keeping it closer to the ground provides for easier access into the building.

The other option is to set the building on a footer with a block foundation. Typically this is used for larger buildings that are intended for use as living space. This type of foundation is very stable and lends itself well to anchoring and permanent attachment.

So in summary, here are a few questions to ask yourself when you think about a site for your new building.

What will I be using the building for? Or, what will I be putting in the building?

Is there any danger of flooding? How far off the ground will the building need to sit.

How do I want the building to look sitting on my property?

Perhaps asking yourself some of these questions will help you determine what kind of preparation you need to make for your new building.

As always, we are here to help !


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