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Choosing the Right Floor for an Outdoor Building

When choosing a storage building to suit your needs, the floor is probably one of the last things that crosses you mind. But the floor and the subfloor are probably the most important part of the building after the roof.

The floor will take most of the abuse that is involved in the regular use of a storage building, cabin or garage. So you want to make sure you are getting a good quality subfloor system that will last for many years.

A couple of questions you will want to ask about how your shed floor is built.

  • What kind of products are being used?

  • Are they strong enough to support what I want to put in the building?

  • How will the floor hold up to years of wear and tear?

  • Is the floor water resistant and will it hold up to moisture without rotting out?

Tongue and groove panels are a must for any floor as it will keep the floor from deflecting when weight is put on the joints between the panels.

Also, water resistant properties are very important in a building that has close contact with the ground. Treated floor joists are also an integral part of any outdoor building.

When we build a garage, we put the treated 2x6 floor joists on 12" centers to create a much stronger floor for driving a vehicle into it. So think about what you will be using the building for.

All of these things add up to preserve the integrity of the whole building, so when choosing your next outdoor building, don't forget to ask some questions about the floor!

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